Highschool of The Death

pheew~ today i found something interesting =P
that, there is 280 search for searchkey “Highschool of the dead” has been directed from search engine to this blog =3

when i say my blog, it mean to this page
lolz, sorry guyz, but it only old doujin from fakku =3 there is no relationship betwen that post with the newly aired HOTD anime =P

blame the search engine btw~

and now, lets see the HOTD anime =3


not much to say in the first episode ( namanya jg episode awal xD  ). like the manga story , the first episode tell us about zombie attack that came from nowhere =D

and the reason i watch this is to see our heroine ( from me ) Busujima Saeko. yay~~!

snapshot20100707014610 “wuow~!! i love saeko part in the opening xD “

and i think, there is more scene with saeko in the 2nd eps after seeing next eps prev =3

can’t wait to see the “Apron Scene” *me faint*



~ by ouja on July 7, 2010.

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  1. Saeko ♥

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