Who Killed U.N.Owen 【東方】[Liz Triangle] Lyics [ENG]

I Finally Found the English lyrics for the song

Credit for : HikariXSato0764


Arrangement: kaztora
Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Circle: Liz Triangle
Released at Reitaisai 7.
Original: U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?
I opened a gloomy castle of white.
I start a tea party by myself.
Inside a little birdcage.
Hey, you. Let’s you and I dance.
(alt: Hey, you. When will I dance?
休む事も無く 手を叩く
There’s no reason for resting, come on, clap your hands.
終わる事の無い 秘密のカルニバル
There’s no reason to stop now, come on, it’s a secret carnival.
カゴメよカゴメ お菓子はいかが?
I circle you, circle you. How about sweets?
Red and blue candy,
My house of candy with no exit.
A serious voice whispers like a "Mirror, mirror"
世界で誰よりも イタズラ好きなのは誰ですか?
Who in this world would like my little pranks? I wonder who?
「それはあなたです」と映る私が笑う (私はあなた,あなたはだれ)
"That would be you." I smile at my reflection. (I am you, who are you?)
キラキラと割れるダレカの笑顔 (あなたは私、私はだぁれ?)
Smashed and glittering, your smiling face. (Are you me? Who am I?)
心に刺さる エゴイズム
My heart stuck in selfish improvement.
Everything here is secret…lalala…
Ah, it’s starting to end…
あなたが残した プレゼントは何処?
Where’s the present you left?
何処 どこ ドコなの?空っぽのくつした
Where, where, where, I wonder? Were they these empty shoes/socks?
誰が殺し 誰がなる?
Who am I killing? Who is it?
誰が鳴らすか 鐘の音を?
Who rang the bell’s ring?
「それは 私よ」ダレカの声が響く
"That person is me." someone’s voice echoes.
円卓を囲むのは 可哀想な駒鳥で
Surrounding a round table, with a poor robin.
優しく抱きしめて 抱き上げて 握り締め
Tenderly embracing, holding it up, then squeezing it tightly.
零れ出す 愉悦の笑み
And a smile overflowing with joy comes out.
中身をくり貫いた カボチャのフェイス
Your insides came out, like a pumpkin’s face.
マネキンだらけで 踊れやしない!
A mannequin full of mistakes won’t dance, you know!
あなたと私 籠の中 あなたも私 (ちくわぶ)
You and I inside a cage. You and me…(blood, suffering, hating myself.)
(note: chikuwabu is a roll cake thing. That’s what the nico nico people used as lyrics, but I have no idea what the fuck that means to this song…)
ネジが動きを止め 踊る事の無いオートマタ
I stop the screws from moving around. There’s no reason to dance, they’re just automata.
虚実に苛まれ そして誰もが消える
Whether it was truth or lie has tormented me. Now then, who will disappear?
ヒドイ世界で 私と踊りましょ?
I shall dance in this cruel world.
I can live having pretended, I laugh at the robin.
(note: bleh, I’ll fix the translation of this line later.)
お菓子のお城には 壊れた魔女が一人 (あなたは私?貴方はだれ?)
There is lots of candy in my white castle. The broken magical girl is alone. (Are you me? Who are you?)
壁にまでかかる 紅い絨毯 (私はあなた,あなたはだれ?)
Until these walls suffer from my red carpets…. (I am you, who are you?)
人形遊び ツマラナイ (私は私,あなたはだれ?)
Playing with dolls is boring. (I am me, who are you?)
月夜に輝く ジャックランタン (私は私,あなたは邪魔?)
The moonlit night glitters like a jack o’ lantern. (I am me, are you just a nuisance?)
お次の相手は 誰かしら
Who will my next playmate be, I wonder?
(Playmate= I reworded for companion)
Shall we dance?


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  1. could you email me the romaji lyrics?

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