Prologue Maxi Single “Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido”’ translation

The translation for Prologue Maxi Single “Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido”’

translated by Ialdabaoth at sanhora international forum

original one

The Fairytale of Light and Dark (07:37)

And so, only history remained…

“You’re so slow, bro”
“wait for me!”
“Big brother, wait for me…”
“ow…. waaaaaah!”
“Ah, I’m sorry, did it hurt?”
“Hey! There’s something by the well!”
“Oh come on now…”

The Fairytale of Light and Dark

“Watch your feet there”
“Are you alright? You’re not scared?”
“No, but my heart is beating so fast. I never knew that the forest… that the world was this vast!”
“Well then, today I’ll show you my special spot, let’s go!”

Looking up at the circular night sky, the blue moonlit night is swaying
While cursing god’s name, I sing in the abyss…

what he who was raised in the darkness thought was light, was not,
he later came to know that that warmth was known as “affection”

His very first friend was a cute green-eyed girl, but they had to part
and not until the end did he realize the name of the pain he felt then was “love”

Like water is needed for a flower, there must be punishment for sins
And before long it’s time for good night, the seventh story now takes flight
Turning our backs at providence (god)―

Looking down into the dark ground, there are trails of a flickering crimson flame
Embraced in the eyes of mother, I fall into the abyss…

“A decayed village… It’s almost like a graveyard, ufufu…”
“Elise, fairytales always begin from the grave”

<How come there is noone in this village?) (――That’s because they all died a long time ago>
<Then… How come the villagers died a long time ago?) (――That’s because they all died of the plague>
<Then… How come there is a mother and her son in that forest?) (――That’s because a certain [Ido] called them there>
<Then… For what purpose does [Ido] call out to people?) (――That’s because it’s his instinct>

Ah, no matter desperately they dig them, there are not enough graves “It’s an era of disaster”
Ah, it’s a mille-feuille of corpses, lumps of earth, corpses, lumps of earth, corpses and lumps of earth “It’s an era of cruelty”

The purpose of existence is to live and multiply
“Kill them!” “Invade them!” [Ido] sings

“Even if they multiply, once they are too many, they’ll kill the host in the end anyway… ufufu!”
“It’s much like the bond between man and earth. Anyway, let us continue the story…”

In a dim forest at dusk

“Are you sure it’s over here?”
“Like I’d know”
“This forest gives me the creeps!”
“Hey, isn’t that the rumoured witch from Thüringen’s kid?”
“Heh, we’re in luck!”

The boy walks on the moss wet from eveing dew
His stride is so light it’s saddening, and then…

Two voices with a vulgar ring to them call out, stopping him in his tracks, however he does not yet know
of the worlds feigned good or society’s spite, for he was raised not experiencing either

“Hello there, son”
“We came here to see the wise woman,”
“Would you perhaps be so kind as to guide us there?”
“Of course, I’d be glad to help. Let me show you the way to my mother”
“Thanks alot… heh heh”

While embracing his friend -> bringing unwanted guests with him -> he heads for his kind mother -> and…
Looking out over―

“Mother, I have returned”
“Welcome ba… Who are these men!?”
“Thanks for leading us here!”
“Here, you can have your “friend” too!”

“Even if I, Therese von Ludowing, were to fall, I’ll see to it that the ugly likes of you never reign atop of a body ever again!”

(There’s a part of this sentence that nobody hasn’t really been able to make out yet so I am not sure about this one at all)
“Ah, hold it, hold it, hold it…! Let’s talk this over!”
“To cry while facing a lone woman, pathetic!”
“What’re you doing!?”
“I’ll put you out of…Aah!?”
“Stop troubling us will ya!”

Like a bird has its wings, there is a song in the night, ah
Sooner or later it’s good morning, and the rosegarden is dyed
Entrusting ourselves to god―

“In that beautifully dazzling time you are now laughing in…
Not resenting anyone, and not fearing death, let us meet there at all costs”
~The Fairytale of Light and Dark

“The seventh grave… let us begin our revenge”

Kono Semai Torikago no Naka de (06:06)

Inside of this Small Birdcage

A square sky, such was the world in my younger days
You, who descended to my window, gave me a smile as tender as moonlight…

März von Ludowing <-> Elizabeth von Wettin
Even though the two of them would never be bound together,
destiny ruthlessly introduced them to eachother…

Beneath the cold land, it was supposed to have been buried
“Hurry up, [name?]”
“At your will”
In the darkness of history, it was supposed to have been buried
“Go faster, [name?]!”
“As you wish, hold on tight! Hiyah!”
the being of shadow

I wanted friends, but I did not know what such things were…
At the end of a time of ignorance, it was to be exposed
on the back of a grey horse, just shaking
The weak being

What it was like to be in a birds cage, I did not know
Until I met you, I did not know the color of sadness or meaning of love

You were-
Ah, my beloved wings
about the vast world outside
ah, your gentle eyes taught me

“look at this”
“Hmm, what?”
“Pretty flowers”
“Ah, you’re right!”
“Here, let me put them on you”
“Oh, make it cute then”
“They look really good on you”
“Really? I’m happy you think that!”
“Come, let’s go over there!”

In a thickly-grown, lush forest at night
beautiful flowers bloomed at our feet
And above us stardust lay scattered
The two of us laughed…

For every happy encounter, there is a day of parting
And it visits unexpectedly, a kiss of decline

“Mär, we’ve stayed in this forest too long, it’s time to…”
“What’s the matter?”
“Could I… could I please go and say goodbye to my friend at least?”
“I understand, if it’s for her I will make an exception. Hurry up and go”
“Okay, I’ll be back later!”
“I will be the last one to be burdened with darkness. You will go on into the light”

“At least, I want you to take this girl with you in my place”

“Mär, please… promise that you will come back for me!”
“Of course… I promise”

“The wise woman of the forest is declared a witch and is burned at the stake-
after that, I come to know of his death.”

What the cruely flowing of time brought,
ah, was gray seasons without you and
a marriage I did not wish for

Now, traces of our past projects on the water surface

until my impulses(ido) die, my lust(ido) fills me to the brim, but
My ego knows that <I will never be able to love anyone but him>

Inside of this small birdcage, In this world were I have lost my wings (you)
Until the time I fall to the ground, I will flap my wings like the moonlight…

“The weak and rejected ones, those who feel oppressed by the world
will you ridicule them, saying that their love is childish, and they are only licking eachothers wounds?”

And before long, it rapidly begins -> The revenge tragedy in the night -> The Seventh Horizon -> The story will continue…

“Come, father is waiting for you”

Kanojo na majou ni natta riyuu (06:47)

“Why!? Oh why… Why won’t you accept my child as the heir of the 侯爵家 (marquis house???)”
“We’ve already discussed this”
“Just because it’s an illegimate child… just because my child is impaired-”
“I’ve had enough, Anne Lise”
“Ah, but… I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault for giving birth to such a child…”
“I said I’ve had enough!”

“Anne Lise, I understand precisely how you feel… Even so… I will never forgive you”

Mär, you who did not know light
could not understand the concept of vision

Mär, as you hold onto my back
“Mommy, light is so warm” you say, and laugh innocently

Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… The one who gave birth to you,
was me, it was me, it was the sinful me

“Are you cold Mär?”

She was,
A mother but also a sister, a convict but also an atoner
The unknown story of Therese von Ludowing…

Moving from forest to forest, my days of atonement
I gathehered herbs, and experimented with them

Even if I send my prayers to god, they won’t reach him
So I’ll embrace my sins, and not pray

I cannot bear just sitting around grieving,
so I will at least do everything in my power for that child

――Healing wounds, curing diseases,
even saving infants who were inclining towards winter at times,
the rumours of the wise woman living in the forest quickly spread all over the land,
and led her to an ironic fate….

That night, who came rushing in was a countess* traveling concealed
In the moonless dark, she had faith in the light of hope
Her hair all dishelved, what had brought her here was a countess girl*,
whom she held in her arms, but she was no longer breathing

“This child isn’t dead yet! I can… I can tell!
she was so lively just the other day… I can’t believe this!
She will grow up to be beautiful, she’s my daughter after all!
The gentlemen from the empire won’t be able to keep their hands off her, how troublesome. ufufu.
But no, such things does not matter anymore… As long as she’ll live… as long as she’ll survive!”
“[name?], please be strong…. Let us have faith in the wise woman!”

Entrusting me with that infant, the empress* broke down crying…

If there are lives that are saved, there will be lives that are taken in return.
Would disrupting that karma really be a good thing….?

“Can you hear me…”

Due to strange events, my son obtained the “light”, but
I’m no longer sure if that was really a fortunate thing for him…


“Burn the witch!”
“They said she’s the witch of Thüringen, scary isn’t it big brother?”
“If you don’t behave… she’ll eat you!!”

My sweet, darling boy, who once was embraced by winter,
“live on to laugh in the sunrays of spring”, such was your mothers wish, but…

now my love is fruitless, and our brief sunlight
was taken away just for laughs

“To honour the lord we must show him our affection! The heretics must be punsihed! Now my folks, watch as we hammer the witch!”

Look! Yes, look at this comedy… If this is how it’s going to be, then I will turn into a real witch cursing the world…

—And thus, the [Seventh Comedy] will continue to repeat…


~ by ouja on June 22, 2010.

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